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The company’s core business lies in enabling business solutions by providing access to a wide range of cutting-edge communications, internet services and WiFi solutions. Aside from providing broadband high speed internet and data access, the company also offers a wide range of wireless products.

The Ace Wireless WiFi Mobile Phone has the capability to call other WiFi phones as well as cellular and landline phones through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Ace Wireless is capable of point-to-multipoint nomadic wireless connections as well as mobile wireless connections with seamless handover between cells. Aside from being significantly cheaper than other cellular phones, the WiFi phone has been tested to provide clearer communication.

The Ace Wireless WiFi Camera can be installed strategically in any establishment to provide real time information for security purposes. Its wireless connection gives the customer the freedom to place the camera where it is needed, instead of where the network outlet is. The WiFi Camera is a cost-effective solution for securing and remotely monitoring offices, shops and other facilities over the local area network or the Internet.

The Ace Wireless Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a handheld television set that can be used anytime and anywhere to access available cable TV channels. This technology has emerged to be a viable medium for remote delivery of TV programming to viewers. The TV viewing experience using this gadget can be both interactive and personalized as it allows the user to “channel surf”, browse online videos through Video on Demand (VoD) capability and define preferred content.

The Ace Wireless Automated Meter Reading (AMR) System provides accurate and real time information regarding an establishment’s electric consumption. By having an automated metering system, one can avoid the potential inconsistencies that normally happen when there is human intervention in meter reading. The enhanced meter information provided by this system can facilitate better customer service and support improved system operations.

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